BodyPlanet: Training - competition preparation and nutritional advice

Birth date: 1985
Size: 1.64 m
competition weight: 50kg
Off season weight: 56
With BodyPlanet since: 2010

May 10, 2010. I will probably never forget this date. On this day I came to Tamer Galal in the Bodyplanet for the first time. Body shaping, a term of modern times. Who does not dream of having a well-formed, defined female body as a woman. So do I.

Discipline in nutrition and training has never been a problem for me. In my head I had a clear picture of what I wanted to achieve. So I went into the studio fully motivated. 70% cardio and only 30% strength training that's how I organize my regular workouts. But serious changes were a long time coming. Instead of my self-esteem, frustration grew because nothing was happening.

Several years passed up to the above date. At this point it should be said that a former employee of BodyPlanet approached me at my work and asked me if I would not like to train towards a goal. Bodybuilding - I only associated mountains of muscles and "women" who no longer have too much feminine about them. For me his question was already answered. -Body building? Never! Well, until he showed me competition pictures of an athlete who was and is still being prepared by Tamer Galal. Tanya Mena. From that point on, the path I wanted to take was clearly defined. My ambition was awakened.

The first visit to Bodyplanet was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. That day I was given a nutrition plan and a training plan. In addition, pictures were taken in a bikini. A follow-up appointment was scheduled after 4 weeks and the change was just incredible for me. I never would have thought that so much could be possible in such a short time. From that point on, Tamer was my "mentor" and I was his "pupil". I implemented the things he said because I knew exactly how I would reach my goal. My 1st competition. The diet was tough. Draining as well. The last week before my first competition pushed me to my physical and mental limits. But the moment you step onto the stage for the first time, face to face with the jury, the audience cheering you on when you strike your pose, it all makes you forget the hard phases of preparation. At that moment you feel pride and your endorphins are going crazy. In that moment, I knew that this is what I've always been striving for inside.

The bodybuilding lifestyle - a hobby that became a way of life!

8 months have passed since my last competition. 8 months in which I was able to learn a lot about training, nutrition and recovery. Months in which I trained hard combined with a balanced, protein-rich diet.

My next preparation starts in 2 weeks. How could it be otherwise I get the support of Tamer Galal again. In my opinion one of the most competent competition preparers and meanwhile also a close confidante.

Thank you for putting me on my path. For the support during my preparation time and afterwards.

- The route is the goal-


How I eat:


6 a.m

1 CFM Shake+ 30g rolled oats
100 grams of grapes

Training: 7.15am-8.30am


1 cfm shake

12.45 p.m

400g lettuce (iceberg/tomato)
280g tuna without oil
50g wild rice+ past. Tomato (little)
1 tbsp. Rapeseed oil in the salad dressing

4.15 p.m. r

1 cfm shake

8.15 p.m

450g chicken breast fillet
400g lettuce (iceberg/tomato/cucumber)

Supplements: in the morning before breakfast:

2 Tribulus

in the morning after breakfast:

1 zinc
1 vitamin C
1 minerals
3 yellows
3 arginine

midday after dinner:

3 yellows
3 arginine

in the evening after dinner:

2 multi minerals
2 Tribulus