nutritional advice

Struggling with diet-related challenges? Do you want to regulate your weight , be it to gain weight or lose excess fat? Then make an appointment now for an individual nutritional consultation at BodyPlanet, supported by the nutritionist, nutritionist, NLP coach and nutritionist Tamer Galal to achieve your goals!

Who is nutritional counseling suitable for?

Our holistic nutritional advice is aimed at people who are looking for support with the following topics:

  • Weight problems, be it overweight or underweight
  • Diet-Related Diseases
  • Illness Restrictions
  • Competitive sporting ambitions

What can you expect from the nutritional consultation?

In the first appointment, Tamer Galal carries out a comprehensive anamnesis. Within 60 minutes, the following steps will be carried out together with you:

  • Holistic body analysis
  • Precise body fat analysis
  • Assessment of body stature
  • health check
  • Goal Setting and Prognosis
  • Individual nutritional advice
  • Professional recommendations on dietary supplements
  • Creation of a customized nutrition plan
  • Before and after photos

Since everyone is unique, you will be guided to record your diet. In a follow-up appointment, your progress will be discussed with Tamer Galal based on your food records. Depending on the results, your nutrition plan will be further adjusted to achieve optimal results.

Why is a follow-up appointment recommended?

The follow-up appointment is primarily used to monitor success and offers you the opportunity to discuss the progress you have made and to make adjustments if necessary.

Within 30 minutes, the follow-up appointment includes the following steps:

  • Precise measurement of body fat percentage
  • evaluation of your success
  • Analysis of your eating habits
  • Adjustment of the nutrition plan
  • Before and after photos

A follow-up appointment also plays an important role in keeping you motivated . People often fail because they are not sufficiently motivated and quickly fall back into old habits. Since motivation is an essential part of achieving goals, it is taken into account at every appointment. Tamer Galal supports you to always stay motivated and to achieve all your goals.

The most important questions to be answered at the follow-up appointment.

  • How do you get along with the individual nutrition plan and your goals?
  • How has your body changed as a result of the change in diet, especially in relation to your fat and muscle components

    Why should you trust Tamer Galal?
    • Tamer Galal, winner of Mr. Universe 2004
    • Over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist, personal trainer and NLP trainer
    • Successful support of more than 5000 people who started with similar questions and challenges
    • 14 years in a row as the most successful personal trainer in Germany
    • Owner and Executive Director of the highly regarded BodyPlanet, voted most successful studio by the IFBB and NAC for 14 consecutive years

      Take the chance now to be looked after by Tamer Galal and his team at BodyPlanet and to achieve your nutritional goals. Make an appointment for a nutritional consultation today and experience the professional support that will help you to improve your health and well-being in the long term.