Personal Training

Do you want to achieve maximum results in terms of fitness and health ? Then our exclusive personal training is the perfect choice for you. With us you will receive tailor-made support and an individual training plan that is specially tailored to your needs and goals. Trust the many years of experience and expertise of Mr. Universe winner Tamer Galal and benefit from the impressive successes he has already achieved with around 5000 happy customers.

Who is personal training suitable for?

Our personal training is suitable for a wide target group and offers solutions for different needs:

Individual support for everyone: Whether you are new to fitness and want to build a solid foundation, or already have experience and want to refine your training technique - we will support you in learning the correct execution of the exercises and in achieving your individual training goals.

Compensation of imbalances: People with muscular imbalances or posture problems can benefit from our personal training. Through targeted exercise and tailor-made training plans, we help you to improve your posture and compensate for muscular imbalances.

Pain-free and well-being: If you suffer from pain, whether it is from injuries, chronic conditions or tension, we support you in finding the right exercises and movements to relieve pain and improve your health. Together we will develop a training plan that takes your physical limitations into account and accompanies you on the way to freedom from pain.


What can you expect from individual personal training?

Your journey to success begins with an empathetic conversation between you and Tamer Galal. He will get to know your individual needs, goals and challenges in order to find a solution tailored to YOU. The following steps are part of your personal training:

Holistic Body Analysis: Tamer Galal performs a comprehensive body analysis to get an accurate picture of your current fitness level. Aspects such as body composition, body stature and state of health are taken into account.

Functional tests and strength measurements: In order to identify your strengths and weaknesses, functional tests and strength measurements are carried out. These serve as a starting point for creating an individual training plan that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Goal setting and prognosis: Together with Tamer Galal, you will set clear goals and work out a realistic prognosis for your personal development. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your endurance or optimize your health - together we set clear milestones that motivate you and accompany you on the way to success.

Individual training plan: Based on the information obtained, Tamer Galal creates a tailor-made training plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. This plan takes into account your physical condition, time availability and individual preferences to ensure maximum efficiency and fun in training.

Practical implementation in the fitness studio: Together with Tamer Galal you will go to our training school to put your personal training into practice. Tamer Galal will accompany you in every exercise, show you how to do it correctly and motivate you to overcome your limits. With years of experience as a personal trainer and his expertise in human anatomy, he makes sure you get the most out of your workout without risking injury or pain.

Why should you trust Tamer Galal?

Tamer Galal is far more than a personal trainer - he is a recognized authority on the field of fitness and health. Here are some reasons why you should choose Tamer Galal and his team:

Experience and expertise: Tamer Galal has over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist, personal trainer and NLP trainer. During that time he has successfully served more than 5000 clients and achieved impressive results.

Reputation and awards: As the winner of the coveted Mr. Universum title in 2004 and 14 times the most successful personal trainer in Germany, Tamer Galal has an excellent reputation in the fitness industry.

Success Stories and Testimonials: Thousands of people have benefited from Tamer Galal's expertise and mentoring. His ability to recognize individual needs and offer tailor-made solutions has earned him a broad base of satisfied customers.

Online presence and influence: With over 5.3 million personal training and nutritional advice online impressions, Tamer Galal is a trusted resource for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Successful fitness studio: As the manager and owner of Germany's most successful fitness studio for 14 years, Tamer Galal has not only demonstrated his own expertise, but also created an environment that promotes top performance and success.

Nutritionist and Nutritionist: In 1996, Tamer Galal successfully completed his studies as a nutritionist and nutritionist. With his expertise, he was able to have his own dietary supplements made. These have the advantage that they are approved by pharmacies and thus guarantee high quality.

Take the step towards your personal success and arrange your individual personal training with Tamer Galal and his professional team today.