Reinhold Brohm - The way to a new life!

I would like to introduce myself briefly, my name is Reinhold Brohm, I am 49 years old (born August 17th, 1962), I am 187cm tall and the picture on the top left and next to it is me. There are a little more than 15 months between these pictures. During this time I lost about 38 kg. But not only lost weight, no, I gave my body back what it used to be, "Remarkable".

You know that feeling when you have to hold your breath to tie your shoes. You know that feeling of perspiring at night while you sleep. You know that feeling of being sick and uncomfortable. As a regular customer at C&A in the oversize department, you already had your own seating area. At the outdoor pool, the kids always wanted to push you back into the water. You were on the verge of being listed as a conservation species by Greenpeace. The doc has no idea. My blood and hormone values ​​were not only bad, there was hardly any value within the target range. You laugh, but it's no laughing matter. You constantly have your excuses for not having to exert yourself...."There are people who are fatter than me"...."Tomorrow I'll start losing weight"...."Oh, I'm actually fine".... "Today is not possible, my knee hurts"..."My blood pressure is too high"...."No time for it"....and so on. But honestly, deep down you say to yourself, I'm really fat, but what can you do without making yourself look ridiculous? You know that your health is bad, even life-threatening. But you don't do anything, you don't want it to be true. You repress it, the symptoms are clear and you are aware of the risk. Depression is often involved as well. You have to make excuses for everything until the day comes, the day when knowledge awakens. The day you see who you really are. The day it's almost too late. Personal developments that radically change one's entire life are also decisive. But then it's too late to undo what happened, but not too late to change your life. If this point is there and you feel it, recognize it, succumb to it, then you have won, because then you have the chance. The chance to change your whole life. The chance to be reborn. The chance to start a new life, a life you no longer knew. An absolutely wonderful life. You think this is a fairy tale? A lie?…… you are completely wrong. I experienced it, I was very lucky to be able to experience it. It took me a year to be what I am today. A year of work on himself and his body. Was it difficult? Not at all, on the contrary, it's great fun. Seeing yourself getting slimmer, seeing yourself feeling good, liking your own body again. Even through my work as a Maintenance Consult at McDonald's, which is very time-consuming and also the temptation of the delicious products, I found the time to work on myself. Even my blood and hormone levels are all optimal, I've never had that before. To see my self-esteem rising again. Is it difficult to diet?, what kind of diet? Ok, it wasn't easy at first, but when I saw how fast it was going, I couldn't hold on anymore. And honestly, I didn't have to go hungry, the nutrition plan that was created especially for me makes up for it. Of course you have to take care of yourself, but what is important is the combination of exercise and nutrition.

I was very lucky there, I put myself in the hands of Tamer Galal from BodyPlanet, initially with skepticism, but after the first consultation I knew I was in the right place! He knew exactly what was going on with me and what helped me a lot was his understanding and empathy for my situation. He knew exactly how I felt and what was causing me pain. The expert advice on nutrition and overeating showed me the way, the way to size L and to regain self-confidence. The feeling of buying a shirt and saying "I need size 42 Slim Line" makes you feel like you've made it. Tamer Galal and his team not only helped me to rediscover my body, but also to awaken my spirit. You made me a different person. The encouragement to keep motivating me is the hallmark of this really good team at BodyPlanet and honestly if you see my pictures then the guys did everything right. Now the objection will definitely come up, “Wait”, a good portion of discipline is also required, cannot be dismissed out of hand, but thanks to Tamer Galal’s encouragement, that wasn’t a problem. The recognition of the entire BodyPlanet team was very important to me, also to show them my respect, the respect they deserve as an excellent team. Tamer Galal and his BodyPlanet team have done something here that deserves my greatest recognition and appreciation. Thank you my friends, I owe you a lot.