Patricia Heubischl – For me it's much more than just training

I'm Patricia and now (December 2016) I'm 30 years old, 168 cm tall and currently weigh 63.1 healthy kilos! I haven't weighed so little for as long as I can remember and above all I haven't felt so healthy and fit! In my success story, I would like to tell you how I did it and what helped me the most on the way to my dream body.

I've been struggling with my weight and especially my figure since I hit puberty, because I've always liked to eat, but from then on it just became torture - from not eating for days to frustrated binge eating, all sorts of diets Weight Watchers to Slim while you sleep... the yo-yo effect was always there and food started to become a hated topic for me.

Today I can finally enjoy and enjoy eating and preparing food again and, above all, I have regained a healthy feeling for it!

I owe that to Tamer and the Bodyplanet team and I really can't put into words how grateful and happy I am. Nevertheless, I'll try it here by telling you my "success story":

I heard about Bodyplanet two years ago, when I was in one of my countless consultations in one of my countless fitness studio contracts... Unfortunately, it was to be another year before I finally dared to take the step, not just on the homepage scrolling around and dreaming of the dream body, but doing something for it. The right thing!

And today I'm just annoyed why I didn't go to Bodyplanet ten years earlier.

It was July 2016 and I knew I wanted to look good at an event in December, a tight leather skirt would do for it and when I saw that the three month seminar ended almost exactly on my target date I figured this must be destiny.

I shyly called Bodyplanet to register for the seminar in September. Luckily I had Steli on the phone, he didn't hesitate and asked me why wait until September, get started right away and hey presto I had an appointment for nutritional advice with Tamer, two days later I went to Bodyplanet for the first time and I can come in today Can't even imagine life without it.

I used to go to the gym as a compulsory program after work, work off exercises. But no real success was seen. I didn't just want to lose weight, I wanted my muscles to be visible too! A beautifully defined body, like many of the current fitness stars on YouTube and Co. I didn't even dare to even dream of Sophia Thiel's body, for example.

But with every visit to Bodyplanet, of course I also started to train there, I changed a bit more and so the success and the associated change in my everyday life came rather insidiously and in small portions. That's why it was so easy to implement. And with the Bodyplanet team, I always had experts at my side who always motivated, explained and helped me.

The seminar, which conveys so much specialist knowledge, was also an important driver due to the team spirit.

In general, you have the feeling that Bodyplanet is like a small family and I am so happy to have become a part of it. I've met a wonderful training partner and we lift weights together several times a week - I love the training now and look forward to working out in the morning after work...not like I used to have to force myself to go to the gym.

I've now lost 20 pounds and lost 12.9 kg of pure body fat.

In the meantime I have bought a new shorter and even tighter leather skirt for December.

But not only my body has changed during this time.

My whole attitude, my appearance, my thinking, speaking and acting.

"There's no such thing as impossible." I've learned. And that I can do anything.

On "my" special evening in December, I'm happy to blow everyone away with my charisma, but that was just the beginning...