Kevin Büttner – How my life turned 180°

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kevin B. 25 years old born on 03.10.1991 am 1.70 m tall and currently weigh 68 kg. That was not always so. For as long as I can remember I have had a problem with being overweight all my life. I was fat from a young age, and I felt this very often on my own body. Already in elementary school I only had 1-2 friends, was often bullied and teased, was never welcome in group activities, even in physical education I was always the last choice when it came to forming teams. In secondary school, this track continued.

Well, you got older as did your classmates and you thought differently of each other, but despite my good heart, my level of popularity was never very high. I was always more of a follower to others, always thought I had to prove myself in order to belong somewhere. But all my deeds, whether they were good or bad, that I did for them didn't really bring me the recognition from others that I had always wished for. Nevertheless, I somehow continued on my way, there were huge ups and downs that I had to cope with, regardless of whether it was in a friendly, work-related manner or in a partnership. I've spent my life doing nothing but harm to myself by eating poorly when I think about it. Day after day, year after year, I just stuffed "junk" into me, meanwhile I also realize that it was the chain reaction because of what I had to go through up to now.

Everyone processes problems or exclusions or whatever other negative things there are, in their own way. I did it through food.

I've never thought about what I'm actually eating. I always just wanted to eat as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and preferably as hearty as possible. The years passed and I lived my life as I pleased. I didn't worry about anything and told myself everything was okay. It's not that bad, I'm not that fat. I was also surprised when strangers called me a "fatso" in a tense verbal situation, because I just didn't see myself that way at the time. I thought everything was fine. I have to honestly say that I used to be a very aggressive person, I lost my mind very quickly, became verbalized very quickly and sometimes I insulted people for no reason. You have to admit that, even the people who were most important to me in life or still are today, have so often gotten fire from me for no reason whatsoever. Today I know that all this aggression that I carried inside and also fired outside only came from my own problems and my own dissatisfaction, which I had inside but could never really admit to myself. You see, a human being can isolate himself so blatantly from reality and build his own world just to more or less protect himself from reality. At this point I have to bring up the topic of partnership again. I can say one thing with a clear conscience: I was and always have been an honest, faithful, giving and loyal person. And yet my relationships kept falling apart. Also for this reason, because I was so dissatisfied with myself, but I was never really aware of it myself. In my last relationship, the big bang came. She broke up too. With a woman for whom I gave everything and was willing to go beyond my own limits. The separation shattered me so much that at first I no longer knew where the front and the back were. I thought I was going down the days went by and suddenly i started to think seriously, about myself my life everything else around me, where my faults were not only in this relationship or in others, no in everything i ever did in my life! I really dissected every single problem or step I took in my head down to the last detail to figure out what was wrong with me. I began to recognize and admit my own mistakes. I realized that I had messed up a lot. Above all, I recognized my biggest problem, which was on my heart too deeply. I finally wanted to feel good, I finally wanted to be worth looking at and above all I never wanted to be fat again, never be afraid to look in the mirror again.

So one day I woke up after my night shift and decided to make a change. But what, how, when, where? Who can help me, who can I really trust after all the negative experiences?

Then Tamer Galal came back to me. I heard a lot from him, including that he made it to Mr. Universe. Whether he can help me, wants to help, will help? I didn't know my confidence was zero. But I wanted someone who would accompany me, show me the way and, when the going gets tough, kick my ass during training. I needed a mentor. So I got on my phone, googled BodyPlanet, and saw that it was only open for half an hour that day. I got dressed, drove to BodyPlanet and met Tamer directly. He had a full house that day. I walked in and saw a bunch of fit, strong, and confident people. I asked myself "am I really in the right place here"? I did not know it! Then I just pulled Tamer to the side and said to him "Tamer, we've been in contact via Facebook before, here I am"! He said to me "and how can I help you further?" I burst into tears because of my past and told him in a nutshell what happened to me recently and told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted to change my life. Just everything in my life. First and foremost I want to lose weight, look good and get big. I finally want to be able to feel like a man. I've spent so much money on stupid things, I thought I'd just really invest in myself, my health and my body. He took me to the counter and made an appointment with me. We said goodbye and I walked out of BodyPlanet with a bang because I was proud to have taken the first step. Then it was finally time for the first day of training. The BodyPlanet team instructed me in all the equipment and exercises, followed by a complete body measurement, which Tamer carried out on me, including the nutritional consultation. Tamer showed me what I had been eating wrong over the years and taught me to see and eat the healthy things. Tamer really picked me up from my lowest point ever.

You know what's the best part about the whole thing? I started having fun. I followed the strategy (Tamer says I execute) I trusted him blindly.

With an iron will and strong discipline, I pulled through everything taught to me by Tamer and the BodyPlanet team. But all that wasn't enough for me, I always wanted to know more, I wanted to get to know my body better, how it works and how it reacts, I kept pestering Tamer and the team with any questions, and kept going and going, I trained like a "pig “, always stayed on the ball, had no excuses. I was and still am hungry for the element of bodybuilding. I always kept my goal in mind of what I want to achieve and what I want to look like eventually. When I was eating, I was looking forward to training. When I was in training, I looked forward to the food. And it didn't matter if my working day was long or hard, I went to Bodyplanet every training day and it felt so damn good. The pounds just burned off, the strength gain was so incredible, I felt better, stronger and harder than ever before. Most important of all, I was beginning to love myself. I became content, self-confident and found my inner peace. That's exactly what I radiate to my entire environment, to my family and friends. The people I used to insult for no reason are so proud of me and I'm proud of them that they still love me and got through the bad times with me to share my life with me in the good times now. So that you can understand why I describe everything here in such detail. My maximum weight I ever had was 106 kg, at a height of 1.70 m. Shortly after my last breakup I was at 97 kg. When I started at Tamer I was 86kg of which it was 24.4 percent pure body fat. You have to imagine that. Today where I am standing, I currently weigh 68 kg, with a body fat percentage of currently 7-8 percent and that in 5 months, ladies and gentlemen. I feel like I have the world at my feet. I'm just so blatantly proud of myself and of everyone who believed in me.

But that's not all, Tamer not only taught me everything about a healthy diet or the right training, he also taught me the right posture. In addition, I also took part in his 3-month seminar.

Simply because I wanted to go into more detail about what is actually in the diet for me, or how I can fine-tune my training. All this took place in a group with people who also have their hearts in the right place and with whom I pursued a common goal. It was more like a family than a group and I really recommend it to anyone who really wants to make a difference in their life. To take part in the 3-month seminar or at least to stop by Tamer and get advice. Folks, I didn't believe it myself that anything would ever change for me, but look at my pictures and see for yourself. If you still don't believe me, come to BodyPlanet from about 4:30 to 5 p.m., I'll be there and you you can ask me any question about my story. I will answer them all because I have experienced and managed it myself and above all I believe that all of you out there who are dissatisfied with yourself can do it just like me. That was my story about my experiences at BodyPlant, I'm looking forward to seeing you, your Kevin.