Katrin Windsch – My path to a feel-good body

My name is Katrin but everyone calls me Cat. I'm 30 years old and I've been part of the BodyPlanet team since April 2015.

I'll start with my childhood where I was constantly teased and teased because I was so skinny. My doctor wanted to put me on a weight gain cure and my classmates kept telling me I was anorexic. Although I really ate enough, I didn't gain weight.

Then, after my puberty and taking the pill, that changed rapidly and I gained around 8 kg within a very short time. I partyed a lot, ate unhealthily, drank alcohol and that's how things took their course. From the beginning of 47kg (size XS) I was then 63kg (size L) in 2015.

I was always registered in gyms, had training and nutrition plans created for me, but nothing ever changed. Basically, I felt wrong and not sufficiently advised. But the will and the interest to change something about me was always there. I admired the fitness models and always wished I could look like that too... but this goal seemed almost unattainable to me, I knew I couldn't do it alone.

Friends made me aware of the BodyPlanet in Ludwigsburg and I often looked at the homepage and informed myself on Facebook.

My greatest wish was from Tamer "Mr. Universum” to have Galal create a nutrition and training plan because I knew I was in the right hands. Unfortunately, this was not possible for me in 2015 for financial reasons. Then I saw on Facebook that BodyPlanet was offering a 3-month program in the form of a seminar. This is my chance and I had to take it! I did too! I signed up and attended the seminar weekly.

The group motivation and the knowledge that was imparted to me brought me to top performance.

Within a very short time, the pounds and fat tumbled and I lost 9kg of pure fat within 3 months and also built up muscles. I changed my entire lifestyle. Eat consciously, go to training 4-5 times a week and constantly change (for me) in a positive way.

Not only have I changed physically but also personally.

I take something positive out of every negative experience and have become more self-confident, I no longer let people tell me that I can't or can't do something and I've generally become much happier and more satisfied.

This step changed my life!

I became a BodyPlanet team member and attended 2 more seminars. My body fat is now 17%. I started with 31.2%. Since January 2017 I have been preparing for the bikini/shape class and am also doing my trainer and nutrition license at Tamer.

For me it's not just sport and healthy nutrition, it's become a lifestyle for me and I want to help other people to achieve their goals, to motivate and support them.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the change that I have achieved through BodyPlanet.

I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin!