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When I was 17, I went to a gym for the first time, at that time I weighed 61 kg and was a total asparagus tarzan. I managed to put on 30 pounds in just 10 months just through lots of food, exercise, and creatine. I had better self-esteem, more self-confidence and body awareness, and I felt better all over. When I got to know Tamer Galal for the first time 1 year later in the Body Planet, I was totally fascinated from that day on.

He taught me how to eat and exercise optimally and above all he taught me discipline, which is not only reflected in sports, but in everything I do. I pestered him with questions, called him on his cell phone if I could eat this and that, it made me so happy that I realized this is what I can do, what I enjoy and with which I can identify and I wanted to nothing else.

More and more people joined my training and my way of life because I was so enthusiastic myself, it was a lot of fun and of course the successes came with it.

I have always kept in touch with Tamer Galal, because he is a good friend to me and has always helped me further, and above all he was always there for questions and problems.

Today I earn my money as a model and work as a fitness trainer in an innovative club. I also owe this to Tamer, because he made all the contacts for me. I'm very happy that I can do what I enjoy, what I can do and what I find very important, something you can identify with.

Dear Tamer Thank you for all your help and support.