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I've been trying to lose weight for half my life. It just wouldn't work. Unfortunately, I wasn't very enthusiastic about the sport. Nevertheless, I was a member of the gym with a friend. After 15 minutes of training, we preferred to go to Mac Donalds or a pizzeria.
Then I met my friend Günni, who is a big sports fan. He convinced me to go to the gym again and train regularly. But the desired effect did not materialize again. I got well-intentioned tips from the studio people, which didn't work either. A happy coincidence introduced me to Tamer. He gave me his business card and invited me to Bodyplanet. After a year I finally had the courage to go to him.

With him I learned what I did wrong with my diet. We changed my diet and exercise schedule. -> In a short time the pounds tumbled 🙂

It wasn't always easy and tears flowed. But thanks to Tamer and Günni I made it! I will continue like this, because my goal is far from being reached.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is no longer possible for me to go to the studio. But I go through my program at home every day: Lots of fitness cassettes and an exercise bike support me. And our cat: If I go limp, she bites me and my legs and arms fly up again almost by themselves :-)

Tamer, thank you very much for giving me a new attitude towards life.