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Birth date: 01/11/1982
Size: 188 cm
competition weight: 92
Off season weight: 106
With BodyPlanet since: 2007
Active since: 2000

I have been doing weight training since 2000. The strength was there quickly and also grew, but I was not really satisfied with the appearance.

Thanks to my brother Chris, who has been competing successfully since 2004 and is looked after by Tamer Galal, I have often come to Bodyplanet in Ludwigsburg. Through conversations with Tamer and other athletes, curiosity and willingness to try it out grew. In June 2007, with the agreement of Tamer Galal, I began my first preparation, which later turned out to be very successful. Thanks to the professional care, advice and good supplements from Bodyplanet, I achieved first places in my first season.

Thank you very much Tamer for everything – I wouldn't have made it without you!

Competition successes:

1st place Superbody2007

1st place newcomer Nabba south/east cup 06.10.2007

4th place Classic Bodybuilding Ifbb Southern German Championship 13.10.2007