BodyPlanet: Training - competition preparation and nutritional advice


Birth date: 10/12/1977
Size: 1.70 m
competition weight: 49kg
Off season weight: 55kg
With BodyPlanet since: 2004
Active since: 2004

I look back fondly on the competition days. It was a very hard time but also nice. In some places I really reached my limits when it came to the diet.

Absolute discipline and perseverance are required to see it all through to the end and to achieve something. I have a friend who really supported me a lot in everything, especially psychologically and mentally. Which was absolutely necessary for the whole thing.

I received a lot of support from Tamer Galal, who trained, coated and prepared me absolutely brilliantly. He showed me how to get absolutely everything out of my body that was possible and without any chemical aids.

I thank him for that today. When it comes to nutritional advice and competition preparation, Tamer is absolutely the best around.

All the time, the preparation and the competitions themselves have shaped my life in terms of discipline, fighting spirit, ambition and perseverance.

Even today I go to Tamer's shop (Body planet) and buy his products, which are also top and of high quality.

If you're interested in taking part in competitions and want to prove yourself what you're capable of, it's best to drop by the Body planet. You can enjoy super competent advice there, really only to be recommended.

Tamer, thanks again for everything!!!

Kind regards, Tina

My successes in the area of ​​figure and fitness:

Autumn 2006 NAC:

  • 1st place: Southern German championship/Markgröningen, Miss Fitness
  • 3rd place: German championship/Betzdorf
  • 11th place: Universe/ Cuxhafen

Autumn 2006 NABBA:

  • 2nd place: Southern German championship / Fulda
  • 2nd place: German championship / Goettingen