Birth date: 04/20/1969
Size: 1.71 m
competition weight: 65kg
Off season weight: 76kg
With BodyPlanet since: 2004
Active since: 2004

I started bodybuilding in 1990 when I was 21. I had danced Rock'n'Roll before, but then I got too heavy for it. 🙂

My daddy had started weight training himself back then because he had to do something for his back. His job as a truck driver is a one-sided burden and it was good that he found a real studio in Esslingen. I watched as his chest muscles slowly began to grow at the age of 42.

The beer belly went down, he was all smiles and I liked his shoulder and biceps best. I was still living at home there and the latest editions of Sportrevue were usually on the table there.

That was the beginning of change in my life. I simply found the women pictured in there to be THE ideal of beauty. And that's when the wish was born to at least look similar. I then moved into my own small apartment and on the way to the shop I saw a very small mini sign saying that there was a gym!!!

It caught my eye so hard that I can't get it out of my mind. Two days later the sign was gone. It was probably "unauthorized" set up. Nevertheless, I just took a turn there and actually found this studio, and everything took its course. I got a good trial session followed by sore muscles. When I was working out, I used to see this poster of Tonja Knight with the white rose. That was always my motivation. Day after day I was in the studio until I was even overtrained and my body couldn't keep up with sleeping. I had turned into a freak. I was mighty proud of my visible biceps and that you could see my lats too. I kept dreaming very quietly about the pictures in the Sportrevue, which of course I always bought myself and secretly wished to see a picture of myself in this newspaper.

However, that was as far away as the moon for me. After a change of studio and after six years of diligent training, it was obvious that I knew my way around the sport a little, when I met my current husband Markus and asked me to show him how to train properly.

So I took him with me and just couldn't get rid of him like bodybuilding. And then with a man at my side who does the same sport and is the same freak, the necessary support was there and the teasing in the studio: "Come on, join us" echoed in my head. Even pregnancy couldn't stop me from training. Well, I didn't do any heavy squats. And by and large just listened to my body. And that allowed me a lot. I trained up to six weeks before giving birth. And started exercising again eight weeks after the birth.

Three years later my dream came true! I prepared for the first time in 1999 and I was so blown away by the feeling you get on stage when the audience applauds that I definitely wanted to experience it again. So this season I took part in the Baden-Württemberg, Southern German, Bavarian and German championships. And when pictures of it appeared in the Sportrevue, a dream had actually come true. After this championship came a mighty munchies that only a bodybuilder can experience. And since I'm a woman, it didn't stop right away. Over time, however, a normal feeling of hunger returned and I was able to stand myself in the mirror again.

And the fire for further preparation burned in me. When I was mentally ready for my next diet, my appendix simply became inflamed and I was in the hospital. Then, of course, I wasn't allowed to train for about six weeks after the operation. However, this break didn't really do me any good. I had a huge hanger and just didn't want to start exercising anymore. So the break extended to almost ten weeks and the fire for a preparation was actually as good as over. In the end I went back to the iron without a goal. But time brought the original Tina back to light and when I announced in the spring of 2004 that I wanted to be back on stage, the fire spread so much that my husband was carried away. So we both went on a diet for the fall of 2004.

Tamer Galal supported us here and prepared everything. Since then we have trusted his products and supplements at a fair price at Bodyplanet in Ludwigsburg. Once you get to know Tamer, you know the knowledge behind this person and that he certainly doesn't sell junk. He would never pull an athlete over the table because he knows exactly how important but also how hard it can be to prepare for a competition.

In preparation for the competition, our daughter also gave us a lot of time. Because not only did we both compete in our classes, we also started as a couple. Unfortunately, couple posing is treated more like a stepchild by some associations. So that we took every opportunity to experience this joint performance. Unfortunately, although we had qualified individually and as a couple for the German championship, that cost us the ticket to go there, and we were then no longer allowed to start there due to an imposed ban. It really knocked me down myself. After that, I never wanted to go on any of those extremely hard, long, deprived diets again. But that's what happens. Six months later, a friend gave me an All Stars body calendar. And the same thing happened to me as years before with Sportrevue. I saw a picture and couldn't get it out of my head. I absolutely had to have an image of myself in the same way.

I tried to get in touch with the photographer and then, through the recommendation of Dr. Martina Herget came to an equally brilliant photographer. The Viking! After a phone call with him, I immediately got back in touch with Tamer Galal because a diet was needed again. Even if you've been through something like this once or twice, it's still important to have an independent consultant like that, and we've had good experiences with Tamer Galal. So that can only work. In the course of time the diet was quite easy for me and the shape was so good that Tamer was able to persuade me to perform on stage. I then took part in the Baden-Württemberg and German championships again. And I think I was in the best shape of my life there.

So many beautiful pictures were taken from the photo shoot that the photographer sent some pictures including a report about me to Sportrevue. And in March 2006 I could hardly believe my eyes. Six pages of the Sportrevue were filled with my pictures. WOW!! My stage walk continued in the spring of 2006. I remembered how easy the last diet with Tamer Galal was.

However, I had misjudged myself a bit, because it was really difficult for me to start so close together. But you can only learn from mistakes. I had gained weight, but the shape left a lot to be desired. Everyone can probably imagine how my path will continue. After all this experience, I just want to do it even better, because the fire to take part in a championship, to get the applause for the freestyle shown, is simply indescribable. And I want it back.

That's why I'll end by saying: thank you very much for everything dear Tamer, for the long time you have accompanied me and us on the way to the diet. You are also not insignificantly to blame for the fact that the fire in me does not simply go out.


Tina Klöpfer

… and yet we are a completely normal family:

Fall 1999

  • Baden-Württemberg championship 3rd place
  • international Bavarian championship 1st place + overall victory
  • Southwest German Championship 1st place
  • International German Championship 2nd place

autumn 2004

  • Baden-Württemberg championship 1st place women body class + 1st place couples
  • international Bavarian championship 4th place
  • South German Championship 1st place

autumn 2005

  • Baden-Württemberg championship 1st place
  • international German championship 3rd place spring 2006
  • Baden-Württemberg championship 1st place
  • German championship 3rd place