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Birth date: 1978
Size: 1.68 m
competition weight: 52
Off season weight: 60
With BodyPlanet since: 2009
Active since: 2009

I've actually always played sports - even in my mother's womb (at first my parents assumed that I would be a boy and definitely a footballer). When I was at school, there wasn't a day when I didn't have a club: horseback riding, artistic gymnastics, trampoline jumping, DLRG swimming, tap dancing. Over the years my focus had shifted to tap dancing. I practiced this sport for 20 years and we were very successful with the formation: multiple German champions and runners-up, 4th place at the World Cup, international German champions, etc. There were also countless appearances, including at the federal press ball, on television and at carnival events in Mainz and Cologne etc.
I've been going to the gym since 2000 and have always tried to do all the exercises very conscientiously and build up muscles. But it doesn't work without the right diet. When I moved to Stuttgart in September 2009 and had to stop tap-tapping after 20 years, I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted to “compete” with others again. However, my friend gave me the idea of ​​participating in a fitness competition when we were watching a NAC championship in Nov. 2008. Then he said "you could do that too". CLEAR...I thought so. First. But then my ambition was awakened.

I researched on the internet, asked people, asked around and that's how I came to Tamer Galal from Bodyplanet. That was at the beginning of January 2009. And he immediately said I could take part in May. I can still remember him telling me I could have another nice meal at the weekend and then start the competition diet on Monday. But I started the same day. From there it started. My meal plan for the coming months looked like this:

  • 600g meat
  • 600g of vegetables
  • 50g rolled oats
  • 50g rice or rice cakes
  • 1 tablespoon rapeseed oil or a handful of almonds
  • 2-3 shakes a day
  • at least 3 liters of water per day

No bread, no dairy, nothing with sugar in it... and the pounds dropped. My whole office has been noticing weekly how I'm losing weight and it's showing my muscles. After the first 6 weeks, the carbohydrate intake was changed and I was allowed to alternately eat 100g - 50g - 0g carbohydrates per day. The last 5-6 weeks it was 50g - 0g - 0g a day. That was hard. Eat meat in the morning. And again the colleagues looked amused. But most really got excited.

Then in April, a few athletes (including myself) took part in the IFBB's Newcomer competition. And were eliminated in the preliminary round. But it wasn't bad, since it was only a trial competition for us. The NAC Championships were the championships we were working towards.
And then, in May 2009, we took part in the Southern German Championships. I immediately qualified as 2nd for the German Championships in Salzgitter. Drain again. But it was worth it. I made 3rd place and was incredibly proud of myself. Proud that I stuck to the diet, the strenuous training (2x a day, cardio in the morning before work and strength training in the evening), the regular meetings.
I'll be taking part again in May this year and I'm curious to see whether the jury and those who saw me in 2009 will notice the changes. I've trained hard and let Tamer prepare me for the competition again. And have no qualms that what he tells me will work!!
Tamer - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great support, your good tips and the time you sacrifice for your athletes. Thanks also to Corinna Galal and the two children, who had to do without several two-hour sessions with her husband during the entire preparation for the competition. And of course I would like to thank the entire Bodyplanet team!


Tanya Mena