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With BodyPlanet since: 2001
Active since: 1999

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by muscular bodies. That's why I always “trained” at home when I was young. Due to terrible eating habits, however, the muscles were always hidden under a thick layer of fat.

At 14 I was just too fat and something had to change. I spent the next year losing around 25kg. At that time, however, I had no idea about nutrition and training, so that all my muscles fell by the wayside.

Now I was only thin and my path then led me to Sportstudio2000 in Ludwigsburg.

After half a year of training, my weight was also stabilized, but at 57kg! A friend who was training at FLEX gave me a flyer about the opening of a "Body & Fitness Shop" on Stuttgarter Strasse.

Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I went to the shop shortly after it opened to take a look. Then it happened in quick succession. Tamer patiently and comprehensively advised me on all questions I had about training and nutrition... And there were countless questions...

But the success proved him right - I had successes I hadn't even dared to dream of. With every kilo of new muscle I wanted to know more and more. I greedily devoured the textbooks. Tamer and Markus Gillert then gave me the chance to pass this knowledge on to customers while working in the sports studio and in the body shop.

After about 4 years of training, Tamer prepared me for my 1st championship at the IFBB in the junior heavyweight division. With success! I became Baden-Württemberg and Vice-German Champion in 1999!

After further competitions, the point "knowledge" became more interesting for me than the championships themselves and I decided to do a trainer training at the BSA parallel to my studies.

In order to further deepen the area of ​​competition preparation, I took the course "Competitive Sport Body Trainer" at the BSA. dr Torsten Albers, the lecturer, brought many revolutionary ideas of performance-oriented training and nutrition into play in this course. Now I had tasted blood. In the following year, I completed all BSA courses to become a fitness specialist and completed this training with the IHK examination as a fitness specialist in July 2004.

In addition, I attended numerous training courses in the areas of back, rehabilitation, nutrition, marketing, etc.

After the specialist examination, my path led me to Freiburg as a trainer in a fitness club. Unfortunately, this kind of work did not correspond at all to my conception of a quality club and I started looking for a new position.

Through the BSA, Hans-Jürgen Schneider, at that time still the sports director of VitaParc GmbH and former owner of PHOENIX sports equipment, became aware of me and brought me to STEP fit&well in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Under him I got to know all aspects of optimal training area supervision and benefited from his almost 50 years of experience in the fitness industry - exactly the aspect that is neglected in most clubs.

After Hans-Jürgen Schneider dedicated himself to club management and seminar activities, I took over from him in November 2005 the area management of the training area in STEP fit&well.

The STEP fit&well is one of the most beautiful and highest-quality clubs in all of Stuttgart and it's fun every day, together with my team, to bring the members one step closer to their goals!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tamer again for supporting me from the start! I would never have gotten this far without him!

Sporting achievements

– Baden-Wuerttemberg champion 1999, IFBB
– Vice German Champion 1999, IFBB
– 3rd place int. Danube Cup 1999, IFBB
– 6th place German Open 1999, IFBB
– Vice-Baden-Württemberg Champion 2003, NAC
– 5th place German Championship 2003, NAC
– Vice German Champion Pairs 2003, NAC

Qualifications - fitness specialist IHK

– Fitness trainer A license
– Nutritionist
- Mental coach
- dr Wolff trainer for back fitness A license
– Sports & regeneration massage
– JG Spinning Instructor, STAR 1

– Teacher of fitness, health and sports rehabilitation
– Nutrition Coach
– Wellness & health trainer
– Trainer for cardio fitness
– Trainer for sports rehabilitation
– Fitness trainer B license

– fitness manager
– Fitness Advisor/Sales Manager
– Fitness Advisor/Service Manager
– Operations manager for fitness facilities
– Marketing manager for fitness facilities
– B License Sales & Service

advanced training

– Competitive sports body trainer
– back training trainer
- dr Wolff back fitness I & II
– Osteoporosis Course Instructor
– rhetoric
– Nutrition for health & performance in the gym
– Successful nutrition against cellulite
– lactate diagnostics