That's what our athletes say

The extensive and detailed information about training and conscious nutrition. Good tips for targeted training. I found the videos in the exclusive area for the individual muscle groups great and they helped me a lot.

Simon K

Guru Tamer and his team. BodyPlanet always has an open ear. You are coached very well in a team and as a team. It was also very good how deeply one immersed oneself in the individual topics, and also the background - "insider" - knowledge.

Sonya J

You don't have the feeling for a second that something is being talked to you or sold to you. It is not taken mince words! You get a great understanding of food/body/muscles.

Andrew W

The many tips that you can easily use in everyday life. How to optimize your meal preparation. Introducing bungee training, now I know how to train anytime, anywhere.

Melis G

It motivated me to the extent that I now take my results as a new basis and therefore stay on the ball.

Holger N

Extremely cool! Since the hypnosis, I don't even feel like eating unhealthy food anymore.

Andrew W

I would tell him/her that many everyday problems disappear because you pay much more attention to your body and your diet and your mental state improves immensely as a result.