Variety and relaxation during training

Variety and relaxation during training

Many people tend to exercise too much without giving the body a chance to recover sufficiently. For example, anyone who spends 45 minutes on the treadmill 7 times a week has a fixed goal in mind that they want to achieve as quickly as possible. However, it is more than likely that this person will lose motivation after a short time and then miss the goal.

Here is an example of a training plan that is varied while allowing enough time for recovery.

We start the week with an intense run at around 70% of the maximum heart rate for 45-60 minutes

Today we'll get on the bike for 45 minutes, alternating speeds and resistances

Today is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on ​​the program. You start with brisk walking to warm up. This is followed by 5 minutes of running just below the maximum heart rate. This process is repeated several times depending on the intensity of your training.

After yesterday's intensive training, you deserve a little relaxation today.

Today we jog very relaxed for 35 - 50 minutes

Find an activity that you particularly enjoy. This can be cycling, skiing or another sport of your choice.

Today is family day. Sports are on hiatus.

Always remember that diet plays an important role. Eat a balanced and varied diet and drink enough water.

Strength training should also be part of your plan to build muscle.