6 common beginner mistakes

You've probably already noticed. Muscles don't grow by themselves and certainly not overnight. Building muscle takes time, patience, the right workout, and the right diet. Proper bodybuilding is a science, and even small mistakes can mean the end of effective muscle growth. Almost all bodybuilders have made these mistakes, even if they don't want to admit it. The result is less muscle, slower fat loss and the frustrating feeling of not making any progress.

Below we take a closer look at a few common errors.


A common mistake many bodybuilders make is simply not giving enough time to a program such as a diet. In this day and age, we often expect instant results. But, the body needs three weeks to get used to a new diet. Therefore, you should give your nutritional program a fair chance and then, if it doesn't quite work as hoped, make small changes and adjustments.

Irregular eating

The second typical mistake is an irregular diet. This is a big problem as the body is not supplied with nutrients evenly. And that is exactly what is important for building muscle mass. The body needs an even supply of protein and other nutrients throughout the day. Actually it is quite easy. All it takes is a little planning. This includes planning your purchases and pre-cooking meals.

Too many food

The third mistake is overeating. There is probably no one who can absolve himself of this. It's true that the body needs a lot of calories to provide energy for training and to build muscle. However, excess calories are stored as fat. It is therefore important to ensure a balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Eating is important, but eating too much can rob you of the success you deserve.

No accounting for calorie intake

This is important to keep track of the calories consumed. Otherwise there will quickly be an oversupply or undersupply. While it's annoying, protein, carbohydrate, and fat consumption should be logged along with calories. It can't be said often enough. In order to build muscle and reduce body fat, the right nutrient intake is crucial. Without accounting, it is easy to make misjudgements.

Relying too much on the scale

Also, a common mistake is to rely solely on the scale to gauge your progress. Of course, the scale is an important tool, but it cannot differentiate between muscle, fat and water. Body fat scales or, even better, professional measuring devices for determining body composition are better suited for this.

The visual impression can often give a good indication of progress. Regular photos are therefore also a useful tool. After all, bodybuilding is all about looks.

imitate professionals

This is a common beginner's mistake of overly relying on professional advice. We've all admired the seemingly perfect professionals and are quick to believe they have an answer to every question.

However, one must not forget that these people practice their sport professionally and this is a significant difference to us amateurs. Pros have trained for years, followed rigorous diets, and take many supplements on a daily basis.

It is important to consider this before adopting recommendations from professionals.

Those who avoid these mistakes are a long way down the road to success.