6 tips for effective HIT training

If you want to build muscle, you want to make your training as effective as possible in order to maximize the result. The tips in today's newsletter will help you.

1. Bring variety into your training

Circuit training is ideal for training your whole body evenly and stimulating muscle growth.

Do 1-3 sets of 5 to 20 reps with varying weights on each machine. This way your body doesn't get used to a routine and the muscle is better stimulated.

2. Limit your workouts to less than an hour

To increase fat burning during your workout, a workout should last between 45 and 60 minutes. The breaks between the sets should be as short as possible, preferably less than 30 seconds.

3. Interval cardio:

Steady cardio training is a thing of the past. To get the most out of your training session, try interval training.

Interval training not only protects muscle and increases fat burning, it's also great for your heart.
The table below is an example of such interval training.

minute speed pitch
1 7 1
2 8th 1
3 9 1
4 10 3
5 9 0
6 9 0
7 11 4
8th 9 0
9 9 0
10 12 5
11 9 0
12 9 0
13 8th 1
14 7 0
15 7 0

This should be followed by a 3-5 minute cool down. Repeat this routine 2-3 times a week. If you're planning cardio and strength training on the same day, cardio should follow strength training.

4. Use the right supplements to increase muscle growth.

Studies have shown that taking supplements can increase muscle gain by 30% in 3 months. It is important to choose the right products and take them correctly.

Before training, a NO-X booster is particularly effective because it immediately gives the body more energy and thus enables harder training. After training, a whey protein shake is particularly useful to supply the muscles with amino acids. BCAA and L-glutamine help to accelerate regeneration.

A creatine cure, eg with Cell Creation, can also support muscle building.

5. Max out each set:

To get the most out of your training, you should incorporate the following techniques into your training:

drop sets
Drop sets mean immediately repeating a set with a reduced weight without rest. This pushes the muscle to its limits.

partial reps
With this technique, the movement is performed partially at either the beginning or the end of the exercise.

push technique
Perform a set to muscle failure. After a 5-10 second rest, do a few more reps. Repeat this a few times depending on your stamina.

Negative Reps
A partner helps you lift 10-50% more weight than you would normally be able to. Then you lower the weight yourself.

6. Keep a journal

To get the most out of this workout, you need to increase the weight and the number of repetitions as often as possible. A diary will help you log your progress.