10 tips for motivation

One of the most important factors for success in sports is the right motivation. Almost everyone has a different strategy for staying motivated.

However, some methods are the same for almost everyone and those who adopt the following advice are a lot closer to their goal.

1. Confidence

Hardly anything is more important than a firm belief in yourself. Only those who believe in being able to achieve their goals will be successful in the end.

2. Support from friends and family

Anyone who starts a strength training program usually has to completely change their everyday life in order to find time for the newly started sport. Then it is particularly important that friends and family are willing to support you and possibly also take on everyday tasks.

3. A positive attitude

With the right, positive attitude, staying motivated is a lot easier. The sport is then not a chore but becomes something to look forward to. It is important to remain positive even if the hoped-for progress is longer than expected. On the way to the goal there will always be phases in which you don't seem to be making any progress. Only those who don't let themselves be dissuaded from their goal will be successful in the end.

4. An action plan

A detailed, judiciously devised plan is the basis for any success. If you don't have a fixed goal, you can't achieve it. The more detailed such a plan is, the more effective it is. At the same time, you have the opportunity to measure and log your progress more easily. Without a plan, it is like a ship adrift at sea without a helmsman.

5. Good organization

Life is full of surprises and distractions. Whether it's the long hours at the office, family or just the bad weather, there are endless excuses not to exercise.

If you want to be successful in sport, you have to be able to recognize such unforeseen things and other disruptive factors and manage them in such a way that the sport does not suffer as a result. Without proper organization something will always be more important and then it's not just sport that suffers. In addition to exercise, nutrition often suffers, because the burger shop around the corner seems much easier and more convenient than preparing fresh vegetables yourself.

6. Have fun and stay motivated.

There are two main types of motivation.

The internal motivation

This is the case when you do a sport because you enjoy it. For this reason alone one experiences an inner satisfaction, the sport becomes a hobby. Studies have shown that people with the right internal motivation have a significantly higher chance of achieving their goals.

external motivation

This is the case when you do sport, not because you enjoy it, but because there is an outside reward. This is the case, for example, when you are being paid to do something or when your partner is pressuring you. As a result, the fun of the thing is quickly lost and the training is perceived as a burden.

7. Reward yourself.

Now that might sound weird, especially after we just read about external motivation. Nevertheless, a reward can have a positive effect. It's important to reward yourself. This keeps you in control and there is no external motivation. By setting a small reward for each progress as well, it's a lot easier to stay motivated.

8. Have a role model

Role models play an important role in any goal-oriented program. A role model gives you the goal and you also have the opportunity to better assess your own progress.

Of course, you shouldn't compare yourself to everyone right away, as this can quickly lead to frustration. But a specially chosen role model helps you keep your goal in mind.

9. Information

A sound knowledge of your body, nutrition and your own training program are a prerequisite for success. It does not matter whether this information comes from books or from people with the appropriate experience or training. There are also numerous forums on the Internet that help you to gather the necessary information. Correct and sufficient information helps one to understand what is going on in the body and how to avoid mistakes.

10. Balance

The final factor in success is balance. It is of course important to focus on your training and your goals. However, if you make this your only purpose in life, you will quickly feel burned out.

Also, it can quickly become frustrating when you find that some goals are taking longer than expected, even though you've put all your time and energy into just that one goal.

Anyone who internalizes these tips is a big step closer to their goal. The right balance also reduces stress and leads to an all-round happier life.

We wish you every success with your training.